If in the new Grid the columns represent and describe the categories and the rows describe the degree of transformation of each category, it will be possible to select only one box to describe the degree of transformation of the project. Finally, a radar chart allows a general synthetic display of the degrees of transformation.

For each building, the application of the categories assumed in the new Grid takes place according to the definitions of the degrees of transformation:

  • the new Grid explains the specific meanings of the categories; in this way it is possible to define a univocal definition of the assignment of the values to each building, so to make the description as objective as possible;
  • the rows host gradually indices of the transformation itself; the conservation/transformation order is declined in five levels, depicted through the use of colour variation, from yellow to red, so to not represent a value of judgment; in the columns are indicate, instead, the categories divided by areas of content: what? who? how much? how?
  • the intersection between rows and columns determines the proper expression and the specific graduality of each value of the transformation: the table thus allows a gradual, objective and specific meaning to be assigned to each crossing.